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One up on the brownie??

Found this in a local store.. laughed my ass off... having never seen such a product sold before...
 (As if I need to start my day out with something that will make me feel lazier.. hmmmmm)


"Brick Wall" 4/15/09

This is a drawing I made of a friend of mine. (For those that know him, rest assured that these pics ARE posted with his permission). Photography was done by my daugher


My Rendition of Brian Froud's "The Fideal" - 2-28-09

Reach for the Unknown

I finished this one tonight 11/11/08. I've been working on her for about a week and a half off and on.
This is inspired from Sandro Castelli's - dancer.



I wish they would say WHAT the effin hold up is. Obama has more votes.. so it seems obvious to me. But apparently there is more to the story. At least they are still working on it though.

News Story:

North Carolina still undecided for president

10:42 AM EST on Thursday, November 6, 2008

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The presidential race in North Carolina remains undecided 24 hours after Barack Obama was elected to lead the nation.

About 12,000 votes separate Obama and John McCain.

The results won't affect the outcome of this election, but analysts say it will matter in the future.

New voters have changed the traditionally Republican demographic. Now you can expect the state to get a lot more attention from both parties.


What is UP???

Does anyone know WHY they haven't declared North Carolina for Obama or McCain yet? 

North Carolina has 15 electorial votes that look like they belong to Obama by a narrow margin, (although he doesn't need them)..  I still want him to have them.. lol.

He does have more votes so why don't they just color our state blue on the map, and give Obama his votes already.?

It's just that I haven't heard what the hold up is.

Since it wouldn't affect the outcome of the election either way are they just going to forget the whole issue?

I will have to watch the news tonight for some enlightenment..

Ahh.. the suspense...

It took 10 minutes tops to vote today. 

3 hour line?

There was NO line. I walked right up to the table, and then right over to the voting machine.

Apparently most people voted early.

Now I can't wait to see the results of this election!!!